New Abstract Ink Paintings- Triangles

Stained Glass Abstract I, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan

Triangles are a motif that I return to quite often in my abstract ink paintings. I mentioned in an earlier post that a customer had told me about a painting that had a special meaning in Feng Shui- it was actually a painting with mountains that were deep red triangles. I was painting them out of a fondness for the geometry of the triangles, as well as the simplicity of the shape, but I was really fascinated when she said that because they were red triangles they could be used in Feng Shui in an area of her home to do with fame and career recognition.  I hadn’t really painted red triangles properly again- and that was two years ago- until now.

Pink Hills Watercolour, Ink on Cotton Rag Paper, Emily Boylan
Pink Hills Detail

From my own reading I found that red is a fire element, and that triangles can also be used as a fire element, so I’m guessing that it is thought to have double the effect if you use both aspects together. I am not an expert, but I think that these shapes can actually be used in different areas to attract intensity in that corresponding area of your life.

Pink Triangles, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan

Now, I must confess, whilst I love reading other meanings, especially within a philosopy like Feng Shui, I mostly paint triangles because I like to, and because their simplicity allows me to showcase the beauty of ink and watercolour, which is my main passion in painting. Still, when I move to my new home I am tempted to consider adding these shapes to some of the custom artworks I make for myself, to see do they have any effect!


3 thoughts on “New Abstract Ink Paintings- Triangles

  1. Hi there! I’m fairly new to WordPress and to blogging and just stumbled upon your site… what beautiful work. I’m really enjoying your work and looking forward to following for more :).


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