New Paintings- New York, Birch Trees, Greek Vase and Train Landscape

New York City, Acrylic on Canvas, Emily Boylan

New York is one of my favourite subjects to paint. In the above composition I’ve used a mainly blue palette with touches of orange. Manhattan is especially a place that I connect with nostalgia and imagination, so I like painting it in a way that is more expressionist that realistic.

Birch Trees, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan

The clean lines of birch trees make a lovely subject to paint, especially with the starkness of the white against a night sky, as in the above composition. I have also tried variations on this with spring and autumn colours- because a white line is a recurrent motif in my work, these trees are a subject to which I often return.

Greek Vase, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan

This summer I became more interested in reading about the way symmetry has been used in arts and crafts for thousands of years. It is a truly fascinating subject. Though not a perfect example of symmetry, the above ink painting reflects my renewed interest in the way this idea resurfaces again and again in art. This particular one is inspired by the beauty of ancient greek vases.

Night Train, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan

This is a personal favourite of recent times- I like the romance of train journeys and have always loved the idea of a trip in a sleeper train carriage at night- to me it’s like something straight from an Agatha Christie novel.

Thanks for looking at some of my newest pieces, and I look forward to sharing more soon!


Abstract Ink Landscapes

Dusk Landscape, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan

I made a new addition to my supply of inks and had some fun experimenting with wet on wet techniques and playing with the landscape format. I like the way ink lends itself to the bleeding of colours in the sky at certain times of day. One sky I have always loved is the blue and orange of San Francisco at sunset.

San Francisco Skyline, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan
Monochrome Abstract, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan
Blue Mountains, Ink on Paper, Emily Boylan