Galaxy Watercolour

Galaxy Watercolour

I have always loved galaxy and night sky art, and so I decided to attempt my own.

I also bought some new violet ink when I was away in London and I really wanted to try it out, you can see hints of it in the sky where I worked wet on wet. I used a fair amount of spattering to create the stars plus a think brush. The trees were depicted with a brush pen.

I’ve enjoyed the subject matter so much I think I’ll definitely try it again, and this might become the basis for some astrology prints too.


Sunset Painting in Acrylic


I’ve found a new interest in both depicting sunset light on clouds and reflections on water, and both of these aspects are present in in my latest painting (now uploaded to Artfinder).

I love using a palette with deep blue and orange as for me they are the most perfect complimentary colours. I’m definitely seeing more striking sunsets from my new home, and that blaze of colour on the horizon is something that continues to inspire new artworks.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long evenings and balmy weather as I have been!